EaRS committee members

Agnieszka Wasikowska - President

Agnes I will get easily excited about anything technology related. Simple or complicated, boring or interesting; I love every single bit, however it's act of builidng things myself that holds a special place in my heart.

When I started university all I wanted to do is build cool things; hardware, software: it didnt really matter. Despite this, due to lack of confidence in my abilities and self-esteem, finding the courage to touch embedded took me a while.

This society is my way of helping others have fun by making their begginings with hardware as interesting and as pleasant as possible. I want EaRS to become a community where everyone regardless of their skills can learn and share ideas.

If you've got any questions drop me a message either on my personal account or on the society's. Don't hesitate to ask about anything, I probably know less about Embedded and Robotics than you. Having said that, is there a better way to learn than starting a hardware oriented society? :)

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Cameron MacLeod - Secretary

Cameron I'm often guilty of getting more excited about the technology behind things than the applications themselves, hence my interest lies primarily in the embedded side of the society.

I took last year out to work for a company that does a lot of embedded development and it was there that I first became interested in the area.

I'm often also found tinkering about with DSP and wireless protocols. If you have any issues, I'd love to help, so drop me a line at the society email or my personal email.

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Mayank Gupta - Treasurer

Mayank I like to think that no problem is too big or too hard.

I am particularly interested in automation and AI, but I tend to dip my toes in anything that takes my interest. The effect these technologies have on the world has always excited me; and use of modern development hardware for prototyping is easier than ever!

If you want to know more about anything I have done before or have any questions give me a buzz!

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